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Sponsor a Video

We want to make the Bible more accessible for more people and create lots more Bible videos for people to use and enjoy. 

However, all these videos cost money to make and we would love you to support our work by considering sponsoring all or part of a video. Below we have listed a few projects we would love to continue with but if there is a specific passage or video you would like us to create next, please do contact us to discuss prices.  

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Sponsor a Psalm

To sponsor an individual Psalm video the cost is £500. 

However, the more we film at once, the most cost effective it is... 

Sponsor 1 Psalm - £500

Sponsor 2 Psalms - £650

Sponsor 3 Psalms - £750

Sponsor 6 Psalms - £1000

Accessible Christmas 

After creating our series on Accessible Psalms, we would love to create a Christmas video - which is accessible for ALL! 

The cost to make this special Christmas video would be £3,500 and we are looking for sponsors to help us fundraise this amount. 

Psalm 16 NIRV Thumbnail.webp
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