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Our Story

Living Breath Productions owes its existence to the very first COVID-19 lockdown.

Ben Driver had arrived in Bradford to visit Susie Garvey-Williams, ladened with equipment for shooting some simple videos, and mere moments after unpacking watched incredulously as the country was put into lockdown.

Should he stay?

Should he go?

He decided to stay.

How long could a lockdown be anyway?

We were asked to create a Bible reading video for an online service. We saw this as an opportunity to get creative!

The passage was Ezekiel 37 - an incredibly dramatic story where the prophet Ezekiel has a vision in a valley filled with dried out bones.

Using only what we had in the house to create the set and sound, including a weed suppressant sheet as our backdrop the very first Living Breath Video was formed.

With an overwhelmingly positive response to this video we decided to make more and expand as a production company.

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